Personal Training (PT)

Elevate your Fitness Journey with Tailored Personal Training.  Our devoted full-time staff are dedicated to guiding you through personalised sessions, ensuring your unique fitness needs are catered for. Experience the versatility of our cutting-edge Fitness & Martial Arts facility, designed to accommodate various training disciplines, you decide on what way you train perhaps adding in fitness, weights, martial arts, boxing, grappling, BJJ, Muay Thai, self sefence, Kettlebells, cross training or whatever suits you!!!

Secure your session now by reaching out to us via call or text at 07515 905941.

Discover our competitive pricing options for both members and non-members:

– 60-minute Individual PT Session: £30 (Exclusive Member Rate: £25)
– 30-minute Individual or 1-2 Session: £16 (with a £5 supplement for 1-2)
– Group Sessions available for 2, 3, 4, or small groups, with exclusive discounts for members and block bookings.

We extend our services to meet diverse needs, offering Kids PTs, Group PTs, Single and Family PTs. Our collaboration with community groups, schools, and individuals with specific requirements underscores our commitment to inclusivity.

Attain your fitness and lifestyle goals with personalised programs curated by our expert trainers. Embrace a holistic approach that integrates various training disciplines and methods, ensuring your body is consistently challenged. If you’re interested, our trainers seamlessly incorporate boxing or martial arts into your sessions for added variety and excitement.

Mental & Physical health is our goal with our Wossobama Wellness approach…