Modern Hypnosis by Alan Currie


Welcome to Modern Hypnosis and Professional Therapy by Alan Currie.

If you are feeling stuck or have an issue that you want to change or transform, I am here to help you find a powerful solution. My approach combines the highly effective techniques of Modern Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming therapy (NLP), and other therapy modalities. Through these proven methods, I have helped many individuals overcome their challenges and achieve incredible success.

I understand that each person is unique, and that’s why I personalise my therapy to address your specific needs and goals. By working together, you will gain the tools and insights to take control of your life and experience guaranteed transformative results.

As a professional therapist, with a background in psychiatric nursing (RMN), NLP, CBT, therapy, counselling, and hypnotherapy, I bring a wealth of expertise to every session. I am dedicated to helping you achieve the outcomes you desire.

The success of my approach is evident in the numerous 5 star reviews & testimonials of my satisfied clients. They have found relief from issues that once held them back and have discovered lasting solutions to their problems.

Booking your session is easy…Simply contact me directly at +44 7885 348652 (via text or call)

You can choose to have face-to-face sessions at my welcoming hypnosis studio in Ayr or opt for the flexibility of online Zoom appointments. Rest assured that I prioritize confidentiality and ensure your comfort, whether you’re near or far.

Don’t let your challenges hold you back any longer. Take the plunge and experience the life-changing success that awaits you at Modern Hypnosis and Professional Therapy. Together, we can unlock your full potential and create the fulfilling life you deserve.