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Mind Coaching & Mind Personal Training

Mindset coaching focuses on clients’ existing beliefs and patterns of thinking. A good mindset coach works to help clients recognise, question, and revise persistent patterns of thought which quite often can be built on negatives or beliefs from years ago that were absorbed from even childhood that perhaps serve you no purpose now.

Imagine operating a computer thats the same age as you without having any new software installed or perhaps deleting a few things that need deleted or cleared from the mindset or improving the operating systems which in turn will improve YOU … the hard drive within your mind… your subconscious.

Your conscious mind only holds approximately 7 things / thoughts at any one time so even when you ‘try’ to change a pattern or behaviour the more you ‘try’ the more you fail sometimes…thats because the conscious mind is operating with old beliefs, patterns, behaviours or whatever that hold you back. This can affect everything : diet, weight, motivation, confidence, self belief, emotions, physically even socially.. perhaps things that happened in the past, upbringing, family, parents, negative thinking, something that happened recently, the pandemic and so much more.

Mindset coaching is the process of training people to use their minds more effectively and efficiently in overcoming their difficulties, achieving peak performance, and realizing their goals. Through mindset coaching, people can overcome their fears, improve their focus, gain a better sense of direction, enrich your life and if you’re having any kind of negative thoughts, feelings or emotions that are holding you back or like a lot of people right now in life are having mild, moderate to severe anxieties or perhaps previous traumas have affected you or emotional issues or you just want that best version of you for today, tomorrow, next week, next month and next year..

Perhaps you could consider what changes you’d like, how you would want to be, improve how you feel, seeing a better version of you and a good future or perhaps creating change, transformation and a better balance in your life.. its simple in fact. I know because I assist in Mind Coaching and people like you whom I’ve helped and do help name is Alan Currie, check out my website below or my five star reviews or get in touch now at 07885 348652 (call, text, WhatsApp me directly)

Discounts are available for any Wossobama Gym member so just quote your name and membership number and I’ll see you soon…here’s the website you need.

Here’s all the information you may need…

I am based in Ayr (Scotland) for face to face appointments OR online via Zoom for my further away clients and I have clients locally in Scotland as well as Europe and across the globe.

& my commitment to you :

✅ Expect a unique and personal experience. 

✅ Move towards changes you wish to feel.

✅ Step-by-step guidance during the whole process. 

✅ Powerful changes within one session.

✅ How to avoid the ‘try try and fail approach’.

✅ Proven systems that work quickly, safely & effectively.

✅ Strategies to get results & fast.

✅ I use direct Modern Hypnosis techniques which I’ve mastered. 

✅ check out my 5 ⭐️ client reviews on Facebook and Google

✅ private & confidential service

Here are a few areas I specialise in:

  • Mind Coaching / Personal Training the Mind
  • Anxiety / GAD / Panic Attacks (Removal & Reduction)
  • Pain Management / Chronic Pain Reduction
  • PTSD / Trauma Removal
  • Resolving Depression & Emotional Problems

My Modern Hypnosis direct hypnotherapy techniques have so far helped thousands of clients that have been in similar positions that you are in right now and I can help get you back to living a clearer and more fulfilled life!

I am also a fitness & martial arts professional having owned Wossobama Gym since 1997 and so Weight Loss & Management, Mind Coaching and Sports Performance enhancement is something I focus on too with hypnotherapy mind coaching as well as offering a Hypnosis Gastric Band therapy.