Wossobama Clubs


Wossobama clubs will be opening soon around Ayrshire & beyond & we are looking for trainee instructors / instructors to come and learn, be certified & be part of our brand as we branch out…

If you would like to open your own club get in touch NOW..

We are one of the few clubs, gyms & organisations that run things right locally and beyond & as its the pride we take in the whole process of maintaining and pushing forwards and so all our clubs operate with the following as a minimum…


Our Instructors:

  • All instructors are fully insured.
  • All clubs are with fully certified instructors.
  • All instructors are at Red Armband or above (Red Khan / Armband eq to Black Belt)
  • These qualifications are required to be insured to teach.
  • All our instructors are First Aid Certified.
  • All our Instructors maintain & strive towards other qualifications like: PT & Exercise, Covid Safety, Gym Instructors, Nutrition & much more ..
  • All our instructors are Disclosure Scotland checked via our organisation the S.T.B.A.
  • All clubs & instructors have Normal Operating Procedures in place.
  • All instructors carry out Risk Assessments.
  • All our students have insurance to train & liability insurance.
  • All our students have a martial arts licence.
  • All our instructors are insured to PT (Personal Training).

Wossobama Gym & Wossobama Clubs operate as part of the S.T.B.A. Scottish Thai Boxing Association, Scotlands Muay Thai Association. We take pride in offering the best & safest training enviranments and with all the necessary documents & policies in place.

We offer all our clubs students progressive learning and offer class teachings, gradings, self defence, authentic Muay Thai training & competition training should someone wish to compete. Approximately 95% of students train for Physical fitness & mental health, techniques such as boxing, kicking, elbows, knees, clinch & more, grades & of course the important social aspects (only about 5% train to compete / fight in the ring).

*** Warning***  Please be aware some clubs that operate and that are NOT part of Wossobama or the S.T.B.A. Scottish Thai Boxing Association some DO NOT have insurance, certifications, qualified instructors, student insurance, liability insurance, dojo insurance, first aid persons, Disclosure Scotland checked instructors etc .We do as per OUR extensive list that we adhere to as above .. Muay Thai is not ‘policed’ as such by the government. Too many folk think they are instructors rather than becoming an instructor and putting in the hard work…

Our paperwork is ready for any inspection upon request & is updated as required.