Muay Thai


🥊 Introducing our unbeatable offer – the Ultimate Deal! Get unlimited access to our Adults Muay Thai Classes, Fitness Classes, and Weights Gym membership, all for just £50 per month. Alternatively, attend any class for only £6. This incredible monthly package grants you entry to over 35 Muay Thai and Fitness Classes every month, available six days a week. Plus, enjoy unrestricted access to the Weights and Fitness Gym Area, seven days a week, at no extra cost.

But that’s not all – our offer includes complimentary Grading Practice Classes, Sparring Sessions, and Clinch Classes, ensuring a well-rounded training experience. Take advantage of the martial arts studio and Boxing ring during free studio hours, adding extra versatility to your workouts. Don’t miss out on this all-inclusive membership designed to elevate your fitness journey and martial arts skills. Join us today for the ultimate training experience!

Why Train Muay Thai at Wossobama Gym?

1. Comprehensive Muay Thai Instruction:
Learn the art of Muay Thai with expert guidance at Wossobama Gym, Ayr, where our instructors provide comprehensive training in the ‘science of the eight limbs.’

2. Six Days a Week Classes:
Enjoy flexibility with Muay Thai classes available six days a week, accommodating various schedules for participants of all levels. Approximately 10 classes to train in every week plus free fitness classes and the weights gym is included!

3. Fitness and Health:
Experience a total body workout that not only keeps you fit but also contributes to overall health. Muay Thai at Wossobama Gym is a holistic approach to physical well-being.

4. Practical Self-Defense Skills:
Acquire practical self-defense skills as you master the techniques of boxing, elbow strikes, knee strikes, kicks, chokes, takedowns, and clinch work.

5. Exclusive Grading System:
Benefit from our exclusive grading system, following the Scottish Thai Boxing Association’s syllabus and criteria. Wossobama Gym is the only club in Ayrshire adhering to these standards.

6. Affiliation with Leading Associations:
Train with confidence, knowing that Wossobama Gym is affiliated with the Scottish Thai Boxing Association, Scotland’s Muay Thai Association, and approved by Scotland’s premier governing body.

7. Guidance for Beginners:
If you’re new to Muay Thai, don’t worry. Wossobama Gym provides guidance from day one, ensuring a smooth and supportive introduction to this martial art.

8. Flexible Grading Options:
Attend our monthly grading sessions held on the last Saturday of every month or opt for private grading/appointments at no extra cost, fitting your schedule.

9. Recognition and Certification:
Receive fully certified diplomas recognised by the STBA (Scottish Thai Boxing Association) upon completing grading sessions at Wossobama Gym.

10. Path to Becoming an Instructor:
Aspire to become a Muay Thai instructor and open your own club. Wossobama Gym provides support and guidance to help you achieve this dream.

11. Wossobama Fight Team Opportunities:
Join the prestigious Wossobama Fight Team and unlock opportunities for fight training, competitions, and the chance to compete at local, national, and even global levels.

12. Championship Legacy:
Benefit from the wealth of experience within the Wossobama Fight Team, which has won over 50 titles at Scottish, British, K1, European, and world championship levels.

13. Dedicated and Experienced Instructors
Learn from experienced trainers, Alan Currie, Andrea Currie, Paul Kelly, Billy McCann, AJ Currie, John Loach & Jordan White – all dedicated to your Muay Thai journey.

14. Global Fight Network:
Connect with a large network of camps through Wossobama Gym, providing opportunities for competition training and fights worldwide.

Embark on your Muay Thai journey at Wossobama Gym Ayr, where our commitment to excellence since 1997 ensures a transformative and rewarding experience for all participants.