Kids Classes (6-12yrs) & Tiny Thais (3-5yrs)


Step into the vibrant realm of Kids Muay Thai, Martial Arts, Self-Defence, Confidence-building, Bullying Support, Grading, and more, tailored for 6-12-year-olds! Additionally, we provide Tiny Thai classes designed for the little ones aged 3-5 years.

Forget about booking – simply bring them along at any time to any class noted on the timetable plus we are open all year and let the excitement begin! Enrolling your child in our ‘Kid’s Thai classes’ brings numerous benefits, fostering success in their everyday life, both at school and during play. Our classes instill confidence, assertiveness, good manners, discipline, and promote motor skills development. Your child will learn martial arts techniques, junior Thai Boxing, and experience structured, positive, and fun sessions that enhance their physical abilities, mobility, and flexibility. Self-defence skills are also a key focus as is character-building exercises which are integrated into our program, contributing to your child’s positive future. We understand the importance of addressing bullying issues and encourage open communication with our staff.

At our club, we follow a comprehensive grade syllabus aligned with the Scottish Thai Boxing Association criteria. We are the only club in Ayrshire to do so. Regular grading sessions provide kids with opportunities to shine, working towards achievements like Junior Red Khan/1st Degree, equivalent to a Black Belt 1st Dan. The journey continues with the senior syllabus.

For personalised attention, consider our Kids Personal Training sessions, as many children nowadays benefit from having a Personal Trainer.

Confidence is key, and our grading system ensures your child’s success, enhancing their overall confidence in everyday activities. Each grading rewards your child with a Muay Thai medal, a certified Diploma of achievement from the Scottish Thai Boxing Association, an armband (Kruang Rang or Ring of Charm), and a score sheet for continuous improvement.

Our Kids Sparring Classes are on offer to and these are separate classes your child can enjoy, they are of course optional!

Join us today for a journey that goes beyond martial arts, shaping your child’s character and instilling skills for a successful future!

Classes are £5 pay per class or for a Monthly Membership to access all classes its ONLY £35 per month (SPECIAL OFFER as it is normally £50 per month).