Welcome to WOSSOBAMA GYM ™  (est 1997)

Wossobama Gym is a ‘Unique Fitness & Martial Arts Educational Facility’ and welcomes all ages as we are a family gym enriching the lives of all ages from 3 yrs upwards to our mature members of 65 yrs plus & believe me there are a few very active older gym members and we call ourselves the Wossobama Family..there is something for everyone at Wossobama Gym.

We offer lots of services including; Weights Gym / Fitness Area / Kids Classes / Tiny Thais Classes / Martial Arts & Fitness Classes Training /  Muay Thai / Female Muay Thai / Kids Muay Thai / Boxing / MMA / Street Combat (Blood & Sweat Class) / Weights Machines & Free Weights / Cardio / Free Advice / Community Group Work / Free Join up & Free Fitness Programs / Free Induction / Personal Training / Martial Arts Studio / Boxing Ring / Strike Zone / Matted space / Equipment & Merchandise Store and much more…the list is almost endless.

The gym has been established since 1997 and has been a continuing success…

The gym facility is open 7 days a week and fully staffed every hour its open.

We offer more than 30  classes each week which are on 6 days a week Monday – Saturday…including Martial Arts, Muay Thai (Thai Kick-Boxing), Boxing, MMA, Kids Classes (6-12yrs), Tiny Thais (3-5yrs), Female Only Thai-Boxing, Beginners / Fundamentals Classes as well as Kettlebell , Metaburn, Bootcamp & other Fitness Classes…

We offer you a wealth of knowledge and expertise and will guide you every step of the way, opening up a world of opportunity to you & so as you take the next step…we will see you soon.

There are lots of Monthly Saver Deals & options for you to choose from or  ‘Pay as You Train’ in the gym or class which is just £5 per session – class, gym use or personal training as well as loads of Gym & Martial Arts Memberships which are all free to join onto with no hidden extras. We also cater for family deals.