Become an Instructor

Become a martial arts instructor and set up your own business – we have the template of success to help you. Want to run your own business and successfully – then we know how…

We offer our Muay Thai students correct learning and teaching skills as well as a full educational grading syllabus. Each time you grade you move up an armband aiming for Red Khan or 1st Degree Red Armand (Equivalent to Black Belt 1st Dan).

The STBA and Wossobama Gym have 5 Red armband Grades which take you to the top Muay Thai Grade of Red & Silver (Red/Silver Armband or 5th Degree Red Armand which is equivalent to Black Belt 5th Dan). We have instructor’s courses too which will give you all the tools to teach successfully when you achieve your first Red Armband (1st degree Red).

You can aim to become a qualified instructor in Muay Thai and with our help open your own club or class. We conform to the Scottish Thai Boxing Association criteria and have sets of guidelines every instructor must adhere to (as below). If you would like to become an instructor and open your own club or class then please speak to the gym staff directly.

WG2 SparringPotential instructors benefit from professional training and advice from us on the following –

  • STBA criteria for teaching Muay Thai in Scotland.
  • Teachers Certification.
  • All aspects of running a successful club.
  • Ongoing support.
  • A template of success which we will share with you.
  • Educating you in how to make good income revenues.

Responsibilities & Skill

  • Following the STBA teacher’s criteria.
  • Preparing class plans in advance.
  • Teaching classes & Privates (Personal Training)
  • Monitoring and noting students’ progress, providing feedback for students on an individual and group basis where there is need for improvement/ grounds for reward.
  • Keeping up to date on personal skills and training & continuing study.
  • Administrative duties / Law / Health & Safety / Risk Assessment /Insurance / Finance / Disclosure checked (PVG) / First Aid Cert plus more.
  • Promotional enterprises such as advertising, arranging new classes, demonstrations etc
  • Learning and improving anatomical knowledge.
  • Confidence speaking in front of an audience.
  • The ability to communicate complex ideas to a wide range of people.
  • The patience to teach people of vastly differing physical ability.
  • Good organisational skills; a martial arts instructor is responsible for running his/her own business.